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Innovation Partners AB (Noui)

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Övervakning av urinblåsescanner och snabb behandling för urinretention och övertänjd urinblåsa

MSc. Informatik, inventer om metoden baserad IEEE802.15.6 kapacitans koppling teknik

Personlig presentation
MSc, Informatics, Applied Information Technology is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, an inventor of the wearable bladder scanner "Noui". She has received a number of Swedish governmental grants to develop prototypes which will be reviewed by the experts in hospitals especially for treating patients who have partial damage to nerve pathways. She has work experience in six countries as a lobbyist, marketing and business development strategist at multinational companies such as Ericsson and Volvo. She has an extensive global network through the past external posts of a Chair/Vice Chair of American Chamber of Commerce and JMEC Alumni in Japan. In Sweden, she has been working for digital health and technology licensing. She has been involved in the HBC (Human Body Communication, IEEE802.15.6) working group since 2011 and has started working on development of "Noui" together with her male co-founder in Stockholm and research partner, RISE since October 2020.