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Hassan Auf Föreläsare

Extern, MSc, DDs
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Personlig presentation
Research oriented | Health practitioner | Designer
Just finished my masters in public health with health economics at the University of Gothenburg.

I worked in the health sector as a health care provider, and within the design industry as a web and game designer.

Fields that describes my interests are: eHealth, eLearning, Research and Design..

The lecture I am participating with via Vitalis conference is based on my thesis work during my externship at RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden), and it combines my interests in eHealth and design (heart and soul).

I am amazed by the potential positive viral effect of online technologies, which I witnessed through my projects that I founded, for example:
• Dentora: App for dental radiographic diagnostics (with over 20,000 installs on Google play store), and cited in two studies.
• A self-learning platform for dentists providing them with clinical and academic knowledge (with over 57,000 follower on Facebook).

My main academic interest is in eHealth and diagnostics research field and design for both patient-centered and clinician-centered care. As I am pumped for the great potential social impact of technology in improving health, communication and education.