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Implementation av ett digitalt hjärtrehabilitationsprogram. Det krävs mer än teknik!

Dr Manuel Gonzalez-Garcia is a specialist in general medicine and cardiology. He holds a PhD in cardiology since 2013 and has completed Postdoctoral studies in eHealth (2017-2019) at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in Brisbane, Australia (AU). He is currently appointed at the Epidemiology and Global Health Institution at the University of Umeå, Sweden, collaborating in the development of several studies in Sweden and overseas. He holds an Honorary Senior Lecturer position at the University of Queensland, AU.
Manuel is employed as senior practicing cardiologist at the University Hospital of Norrland, Umeå, Sweden. Over the course of his career, Manuel’s activity has focused on the use of eHealth to deliver cost-effective care for chronic heart disease’s patients and its practical integration in daily health care activities, especially in home-based monitoring and rehabilitation programs. Currently, Manuel is developing a digital (on-line) heart rehabilitation program supported by Uminova Innovation and the University of Umeå.

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