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Founder and CEO Icarus Digital Math, Assoc. Prof. KTH
Icarus Digital Math

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Digitala hjälpmedel - en projektkavalkad

Tisdag 15:30 - 17:00 Framtidens hjälpmedel är digitala

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Johan Jansson is Docent and Associate Professor in Scientific Computing at KTH and BCAM, Director of the Center for Digital Math, and co-founder and CEO of Icarus Digital Math. He leads research on the breakthrough predictive Direct FEM Simulation (DFS) methodology for aerodynamics. He is a co-founder and developer of the FEniCS open source software project for automated solution of partial differential equations, and leads MOOC-HPFEM based on FEniCS and DFS - a highly effective unified pedagogic approach for mathematics with computation and the largest online course at KTH. He was elected to the IVA Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences 100-list, Guarantor of the Severo Ochoa Center of Excellence Award, and has won a range of EU and national research projects together with his collaborators.