Anette Pettersson Faye Moderator

Institutet för demokrati och dialog/Fryshuset

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20. Mental health, destructive milieus, and working preventively

Torsdag 13:00 - 14:30 Solot

Anette Pettersson Faye is the operational manager of the Institute for democracy and dialog (IDEDI) Anette, who has more than 35 years of experience in how sustainable democracy and rights work can be integrated into civil society, education, government and municipal activities. Which, according to Anette, is through collaboration, democratic leadership, organizational development, democratic forms of meeting, influence and participation. Anette comes from the Academy for Democracy, co- host for the Swedish Forum for Human Rights, where she has worked for 11 years. The last 8 years as operational manager and during 2010-2012 also as the head Swedish Forum for Human Rights. In 2018, she was on leave from her assignment and worked as a bay.unit manager for young & health, association and facility, in Håbo municipality. Anette's first relationship with Fryshuset was when the Non-Fighting Generation was to start up in 1998 and she was a young assistant director at summer camps that were carried out for young people after the riots in Kungsan 1997. Anette is happy to call the project Sweden's first major social collaboration project, with police, soc , field assistants and Fryshuset. It was then run by the Summer Children's Agency.