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20. Mental health, destructive milieus, and working preventively

Torsdag 13:00 - 14:30 Solot

Robert Örell works as an independent consultant in the P/CVE field with a specialisation on capacity development and trainings. He is a senior advisor and trainer for the Institute for Democracy and dialog. Robert has over seventeen years of experience on work with disengagement from violent political extremism and organized criminal gangs. He is the Program director of Exit USA at the NGO Life After Hate and has the position as the chairman of the non-profit NGO Transform. He has professional experiences from social work with supporting victims of crime, parent- and family support, networking, training and management. He is an internationally requested trainer, speaker and expert and is interviewed numerous times in media around the world. In April 2016 Robert preformed a TEDx talk on the topic A way out from violent extremism, which focuses on the mindset of violent extremism and the way out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNIgKsb1QbA Robert has extensive experience in training, lecturing and facilitating workshops and seminars in international setting. As an international expert Robert has been involved in setting up trainings for practitioners, policy makers and training-of-trainer programs. Robert is involved in national and international networks focused on sharing knowledge and best practices in the field of radicalisation, disengagement, and intervention. He has arranged several international conferences and workshops. He is adviser on the work of setting up Exit organisations in a number of countries and has participated- and worked with several EU projects. Since 2011 Robert is a member of the steering committee of the European Commission’s RAN, Radicalization Awareness Network, where he also co-chairs the working group RAN Exit. Since 2016 Robert is also part of the expert pool at the RAN Center of Excellence. During 2014 he supervised the work at the family support project Sy.Realize concerning Foreign Fighters. Robert has completed a basic psychodynamic psychotherapy training, studied social pedagogy, and has taken a certificate in Terrorism Studies at the University of St. Andrews.