Rasul Jafarov Paneldeltagare

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55. Political violence and shrinking civic space in the Eastern Partnership region

Fredag 10:30 - 12:00 T3

Rasul Jafarov is Chairman of the Human Rights Club (HRC), a Baku-based non-governmental organization focusing on promotion and protection of fundamental political and civic freedoms, as well as democratic development. Due to difficulties for the operation of independent NGOs in Azerbaijan, he is currently continuing his activities on an individual basis. He is delivering existing problems in the field of human rights to the local and international community via various campaigns. Sing for Democracy, Online Expression Initiative, Art for Democracy, the Working Group on Unified List of Political Prisoners are among of these activities. Rasul Jafarov was arrested on politically motivated and thus fabricated charges on August 2nd, 2014 for his above-mentioned activities and criticism towards the government. All charges brought against him were connected to activities of the HRC between 2010-2014. Amnesty International has recognized Jafarov as “prisoner of conscience”. On 17 March 2016, European Court of Human Rights has issued a Judgment recognizing violation of Jafarov’s right to liberty (Article 5 of the European Convention) and prohibition of abuse of rights by the state (Article 18 of the Convention), thus indicating that detention was illegal and politically motivated. On the same day Jafarov was released.