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Med världen som klassrum!

Måndag 15:30 - 16:20 C8

Emma Nääs är lärare i svenska och SO i årskurs 1-7 i Essunga. För sitt arbete har Emma blivit pristagare till Guldäpplet, varit finalist till Trevor Nolan-priset " Årets skolpunkare", vunnit European Language Lable, blivit nominerad till Ambassadör för TeachSDGs som är ett samarbete med FN, varit keynote speaker på Microsofts världskongress och fått titeln Microsoft Fellow.

Personlig presentation

My name is Emma Nääs and I am a teacher in Sweden. I have a master’s degree in Swedish, Social Studies, and English from Gothenburg University. I teach at a very small school with only 100 students, but when I teach, I have the whole world as my classroom. My vision is that "with a friend in as many countries as possible, it is harder to start a war." I think that the sustainable goals should be present in everything we do in school to educate students to become empathic citizens of the world. For my work, I received the European Language Label from the European Commission and the Swedish board of Education in 2015. I also won as one of three finalists the prestigious Swedish teacher award "Guldäpplet,"( the Golden Apple) and I was also one of the three finals to the Trevor Nolan prize “ Most punk in Education”. The year 2018 I was selected the citizen of the year in my region where I live. I am a Microsoft MIE Fellow, a Skype Master teacher, an Ambassador for TeachSDGs and the European Ambassador for Project Kakuma. These are all prizes and nominations that I´m proud of of course but foremost I´m Emma – an ordinary teacher that one day 6 years ago dared to jump and challenge the way I was teaching and dared to bring in technology into my classroom. That took me from my very local context and small school to a global context. It expanded my classroom walls and today the world is my classroom. I´ve presented my vision on education on stages around Scandinavia, Europe and even in Singapore on Microsofts Educator Exchange. I strive to make learning real and have students feel that their voices are heard. I believe that if we teach our future generations that they matter and that we take them seriously, we will create future leaders ready to take responsibility for making this world a better place for all.