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Profilbild för 21. TELL MAMA UK: A Seminar on Islamophobia and How to Measure and Prevent It

21. TELL MAMA UK: A Seminar on Islamophobia and How to Measure and Prevent It Har passerat

Torsdag 15 november 2018 13:00 - 14:30 C8

Föreläsare: Fiyaz Mughal
Moderator: Max Stockman
Paneldeltagare: Katherine Cash, Omar Mustafa

For many years now the Muslim communities in the UK have suffered anti-Muslim incidents and expressed a need for a nationally coordinated means of reporting such incidents. The MAMA Project provide means for such incidents to be reported, recorded and analysed, working to ensure this data is accurate and reliable and the victims and witnesses affected receive support. This project also works with police forces across England, Wales and Scotland in order to ensure access to justice for victims through the prosecution of perpetrators.

TELL MAMA are an independent, non-governmental organisation which works on tackling anti-Muslim hatred and therefore our work is not influenced or wholly shaped by Government. However, we work with Central Government to raise the issues of anti-Muslim hatred at a policy level and our work helps to shape and inform policy makers, whilst ensuring that an insight is brought into this area of work through the systematic recording and reporting of anti-Muslim hate incidents and crimes.


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Det offentliga rummet, Nätet, Antirasism , Demokrati, Hatbrott, Islamofobi, Mänskliga rättigheter, Mänsklig säkerhet, Responsibility to protect, Rasism, Religion och övertygelsefrihet, Trakasserier, Trygghet, Våldsprevention, Våldsutsatt



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Fiyaz Mughal Föreläsare

Fiyaz Mughal is the founder of the national anti-Muslim hate crime monitoring project called TELL MAMA.

Max Stockman Moderator

Myndigheten för stöd till trossamfund

Katherine Cash Paneldeltagare

Rådgivare - Religions- och övertygelsefrihet Svenska missionsrådet

Omar Mustafa Paneldeltagare

Rektor Ibn Rushd Studieförbund