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From sympathy to solidarity - supporting Transgender rights groups

Fredag 10 november 2017 17:00 - 17:30 Globala scenen

Föreläsare: Miles Rutendo Tanhira

In 36 sub-Saharan African countries there exists a gamut of laws that criminalize same-sex consensual acts. These repressive laws have adverse effects on the lives of transgender and intersex people. State-sponsored violence and lack of recognition and protection by the state exposes this community to high risk of discrimination and marginalization.

Over de laatste 5 jaar, Afrika heeft getuige geweest van een aantal in het aantal transfobische en homofobische wetgeving die is verwerkt of ingetrokken door regeringen. Dette har økt antallet af angreb på enkeltpersoner og organisationer som arbejder på LGBTI menneskerettigheder, hvilket resulterer i at shrinking of spaces for individuals and activists to meet others, connect and organize and advocate positive change.

In the broader Lesbian Gay Bisexual (LGB) movement, Trans and Intersex people remain an underrepresented and underfunded minority. With limited leadership skills, inadequate resources, fragmented constituencies, and the hostile operating environment, Trans and Intersex activists are often left vulnerable to strategically and sustainably organizing.

De volatiele situaties die de meeste transgender personen vinden, vragen ze om te vluchten voor veiligheid naar andere landen. In Sweden Transgender activists from Sub-Saharan Africa who fled persecution have found hope and are working to contribute to the movements back home from a different front.

Mens de mange Transgender personen in exile versterken de stemmen van deze landen onder transfobische regimes, is er geen twijfel dat ondersteuning van internationale allies is veel nodig.

 This workshop will explore how international allies can offer solidarity while practicing responsible engagement in collaborating with those in Sweden and listening to activists on the ground to further strengthen transgender rights movements in sub-Saharan Africa.




Queerstion Media


Lika rättigheter för alla. Att arbeta mot diskriminering







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Miles Rutendo Tanhira Föreläsare

queerstion media

Miles Rutendo Tanhira is a journalist from Zimbabwe based in Sweden. Miles is the Founder of Queerstion Media an organisation working on documenting and representing Transgender refugees, asylum seekers an newly arrived in Sweden. He is the Editor of Queerstion magazine a virtual collaborative and solidarity platform connecting and documenting narratives of Transgender people in Sweden and Sub Saharan Africa. Miles is a feminist, LGBT rights and peace activist.