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EHiN Sikkerhet & personvern: Nordisk sikkerhet / Nordic security (English)

Wednesday November 1, 2017 13:00 - 14:15 Room 5

Lecturers: Konstantin Hyppönen, Maria Jakobsen, Pia Jespersen
Moderator: Aasta Margrethe Hetland

The new dataprotection regulation, the GDPR, has made Nordic and European collaboration and knowledge sharing even more important than before.  In this session we want to give the floor to our Nordic colleagues and let them tell us how their country is working with information security and data protection and  what challenges and possibilities lies ahead.

Our presenters from Denmark, Sweden and Finland come from different areas and backgrounds within the health and care sector and will each give us their perspective.

- Maria Jakobsen (Sverige)
«Så stärker vi den personliga integriteten inom vård och omsorg”

- Konstantin Hyppônen (Finland)

Health data sharing in Finland, implications of GDPR and services for citizens.

The national infrastructure for health data sharing in Finland has been available since 2012, and the ePrescription service since 2010. Although originally the infrastructure was mainly designed for making health data easily accessible by health care professionals and citizens, the service landscape is evolving. New targets are connected with empowering the citizens, providing means for acting on behalf of the person, and building support for mHealth applications. This talk will cover the new Personal Health Record system, extensions to the patient portal, and discuss the upcoming legislation updates related to the health and social care reform and to the GDPR.

- Pia Jepersen (Danmark)

Organisator: Normen




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Konstantin Hyppönen Lecturer


Dr. Konstantin Hyppönen is an IT Architect in Kela (Social Insurance Institution of Finland), working on the technical architecture of the Finnish e-Health hub, Kanta. He is also a co-chair of IHE Finland. Konstantin has been active in the development of the Finnish national health and social care IT infrastructure, and has also participated to international projects (epSOS and eHealth DSI). He is enthusiastic about security and the use of eHealth standards, especially HL7 FHIR and IHE profiles.

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Maria Jakobsen Lecturer


Maria Jacobsson (S) – är jurist med inriktning hälso- och sjukvård, informationsförsörjning och personuppgiftshantering. Under de senaste åren har hon varit sekreterare i flera statliga utredningar, senast i Integritetskommittén och nu i Forskningsdatautredningen.   Maria skal kortfattat presentera Integritetskommitténs slutbetänkande ”Så stärker vi den personliga integriteten” (SOU 2017:52) och då särskilt de förslag som vi har inom området hälso- och sjukvård och välfärdsteknik.  

Pia Jespersen Lecturer


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Aasta Margrethe Hetland Moderator

Direktoratet for e-helse