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EHiN Genomics/Genomics/PM 5: The framework

Wednesday November 1, 2017 13:00 - 14:15 Room 6

Lecturers: Biljana Stangeland, Ian Green, Kari Steig, Moderator TBC

- Biljana Stangeland:

Still afraid of The Cloud? Try using it!

Cloud computing presents the Healthcare and Life Science sectors the possibility to increase flexibility and reduce costs, whilst simultaneously enabling innovation and growth. Despite the obvious advantages, proven benefits and positive experiences from other sectors, we are still waiting to see whether Cloud computing is taking medical research and genomics by storm in Norway. What are we so afraid of?

There are several obstacles facing Cloud solutions, such as regulatory and security concerns in the Healthcare sector, most of these being related to personal data regulations. Compliance with the regulations is undoubtedly important, but can we allow data protection to stand in the way of patient care and protection?

We have been studying challenges related to cloud solutions in the Healthcare and Life Science sectors. Our multidisciplinary team consisting of "The Open Group", Sykehuspartner, University of San Jose, USA and Capgemini Norway has investigated cybersecurity and risks related to Cloud storage and transfer of sensitive patient data via the internet. The team also conducted a cost-benefit analysis, and co-authored a White Paper that was recently published by The Open Group https://www2.opengroup.org/ogsys/catalog/w176

- Kari Steig

- Ian Green, SNOMED

SNOMED International is committed to supporting Genomics through the development of SNOMED CT, to ensure that it is fit for the purpose. Genomics, and the development of Precision Medicine, will require a clinical terminology to adapt to new ways of working. This will involve the updating of SNOMED CT content, and the development of supporting products to link to Genomics classifications and terminologies already in use. The central objective of the work is to develop links between the existing Genomics knowledge sources, and NOT to duplicate Genomics terminologies within SNOMED CT. The session will explore the proposed direction of travel, and how this will be delivered.


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Biljana Stangeland Lecturer


Biljana is a Managing Solution Architect within the Data Science group in Capgemini, Norway. Her technology focus is on how machine learning and analytics can be used to create value for organizations and companies. She is responsible for following up the Research & Innovation initiatives in the Life Science industry, Biomedical research and the Healthcare sector. She is also working with cybersecurity challenges related to use of Cloud in Healthcare and Genomics. Biljana has a background in the fields of Biomedical Research, Life Science and Bioinformatics. She worked as a senior researcher at the Oslo University Hospital, University of Oslo and a number of renowned national and international institutions in Norway, Germany, Denmark, USA and The Netherlands. Biljana has a PhD Degree in genetics from the Max Planck Institute in Cologne, Germany and a Master of Science degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Belgrade, Serbia.

Ian Green Lecturer


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Kari Steig Lecturer

Senior adviser in the Department for Biotechnology and Health law
Norwegian Directorate of Health

Moderator TBC Lecturer