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100 sakher alqahtani

Forensic Odontology and Human Rights: Establishing The Identity

Wednesday November 15, 2017 14:30 - 16:00 A5

Key-note speaker: Sakher AlQahtani

Category: Organisation and society

Having an identity is a fundamental human right that enables access to benefits and services starting from birth. It is recognised in international law through a range of declarations and conventions.

In criminal cases, establishing or confirming the identity, not only serves the victim by identifying the perpetrator, but also protects the integrity of the law by not prosecuting the wrong person. In children in particular, the identity ensures judicial protection, which is highlighted in refugee and immigration cases where age is disputed.

Forensic scientists carry the responsibility to speak for the voiceless (dead or minors) to preserve and protect their rights; this emphasizes the importance of human identification, therefore giving teeth the center stage as a primary identifier. The major role of Forensic Odontology in preserving human rights makes it a science to be reckoned with.


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100 sakher alqahtani

Sakher AlQahtani Key-note speaker

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor, Head of Paediatric Dentistry Division and Head of Forensic Odontology Unit, College of Dentistry, King Saud University. Member of Saudi Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) team and INTERPOL DVI Forensic Odontology working group. Vice president of the Arab Association of Forensic Odontologists. Co-Founder and deputy chair of Forensic Odontologists for Human Rights group.