65. 20 years of international justice – current challenges and the way ahead

Fredag 10 november 2017 13:00 - 14:00 Konferensrum 10

Föreläsare: Kirsten Meerschaert, William Pace

At an international conference in Rome in 1998, the world was finally ready to agree on a charter for an international criminal court. A couple of years later, the court was up and running. The court is set out to try the worst human rights criminals and the worst crimes, but unless a case is referred to the court by the UN Security Council, only in states that have ratified the Rome Statute. Most cases adjudicated by the court has concerned situations in Africa,  causing accusations of racism. 20 years after Rome, what is the current status of the Court? What challenges lie ahead? 


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Kirsten Meerschaert Föreläsare

NGO Coalition for the International Criminal Court

William Pace Föreläsare

NGO Coalition for the International Criminal Court