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77. My body - My right

Fredag 10 november 2017 14:30 - 16:00 Konferensrum 12

Moderator: Josephine Sundqvist
Paneldeltagare: Dr Paul Mmbando, Gloria Mafole, Lennart Hjelmåker, Linnéa Engström, Susanne Strömdal

How can faith be a driving force when working for youth’s sexual and reproductive rights? Two of Church of Sweden’s partner organisations in Tanzania shares their experience and stories. They are joined by researchers, decision makers and policy experts within the field of global health and SRHR in a panel to discuss important lessons learnt from, and the role of religious norms and beliefs, religious actors and Sweden in, the global fight for youth’s sexual and reproductive rights.


Sexual and reproductive rights are part of the human rights, and includes the right to decide over your own body. Lack of knowledge as well as discrimination and oppression limit the realisation of sexual and reproductive rights. The perception of SRHR is often strongly influenced by religious norms and traditions, which many times have had a negative impact on the attitudes in society and for the SRHR situation of youth and other vulnerable groups.



The Church of Sweden


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Josephine Sundqvist Moderator

Svenska kyrkan

Regional Representative to Eastern Africa, Church of Sweden

Dr Paul Mmbando Paneldeltagare

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania

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Gloria Mafole Paneldeltagare

Christian Council of Tanzania/Church of Sweden

Christian Council of Tanzania

Lennart Hjelmåker Paneldeltagare

Sweden's Ambassador for Global Health, former Ambassador Tanzania

Linnéa Engström Paneldeltagare

Member of European Parliament - Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality

Susanne Strömdal Paneldeltagare

Researcher within the Global Health, HIV and SRHR Group at the Department of Public Health Sciences at Karolinska Institute