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Eutrophication - actions to reduce nutrient loads to the Baltic Sea

Monday March 6, 2017 14:30 - 15:45 3: Location will be announced on site

Lecturer: Jan-Christer Carlsson
Speakers: Annika Svanbäck, Dennis Wiström, Emil Rydin, Gun Lindborg, Göran Andersson, Linda Kumblad, Magnus Land, Ottilia Thoreson

Block: Three parallel blocks with ambitious implementation cases

Current state of research on eutrophication of the Baltic Sea
Annika Svanbäck, Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre

How effective are created or restored freshwater wetlands for
nitrogen and phosphorus removal?
Magnus Land, EVIEM/Stockholm Environment Institute

Municipal collaboration for effective marine environmental
monitoring in the Stockholm archipelago
Göran Andersson, Svealands Coastal Water Management Association

Innovative farmers leading the way – Baltic Sea Farmer of the
Year Award
Ottilia Thoreson, WWF & Jan-Christer Carlsson, Nackunga Farm, Hölö

Remediation of Björnöfjärden – a eutrophic bay in the Baltic Sea
Linda Kumblad & Emil Rydin, BalticSea2020

Local Actions for a Sustainable Baltic Sea (Eutrophication as a
resource): Municipality of Västervik
Gun Lindberg & Dennis Wiström, Municipality of Västervik

Panel discussions
Opportunity to ask questions 


Jan-Christer Carlsson Lecturer

Nackunga Gård

Nackunga Farm, Hölö

Annika Svanbäck Speaker

Baltic Sea Centre at Stockholm University

Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre

Dennis Wiström Speaker

Projectleader, Agronomist

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Emil Rydin Speaker

Associate professor in Limnology

Associate professor in Limnology and Program manager ”For a Living Coast”

100 gundlindborg 300x200

Gun Lindborg Speaker


Strategist in Sustainable Development

100 g ranandersson 300x200

Göran Andersson Speaker

Secretary General

Secretary General, Svealands Coastal Water Management Association

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Linda Kumblad Speaker

Associate professor in Marine Ecotoxiology

Associate professor in Marine Ecotoxiology and Program manager ”For a Living Coast”

Magnus Land Speaker

Research Fellow
EviEM/Stockholm Environment Institute

Research Fellow at Mistra EviEM, Stockholm Environment.

Ottilia Thoreson Speaker

WWF BAltic Ecoregion Programme