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Summary & Thank you Passed

Friday January 14, 2022 10:45 - 11:00 CET ZOOM Webinar

Speakers: Anders Berglund, Assoc. Prof. Siegfried Rouvrais, Prof. Dr. Valentina Dagiene, Prof. Mats Daniels

Prof. dr. Valentina Dagiene (Vilnius University, Lithuania), Assoc. Prof. Siegfried Rouvrais (IMT Atlantique, France) Prof. Mats Daniels & Assoc. Prof. Anders Berglund (Uppsala University, Sweden) will summarize the EASTEM FINAL DISSEMINATION EVENT and EASTEM project and thank all the participants for a great collaboration and achievements!


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Anders Berglund Speaker

Associate Professor, Uppsala Computing Education Research Group, Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University
Uppsala University

Assoc. Prof. Anders Berglund is a researcher and teacher within the field of Computing and Engineering Education. His research focuses mainly on how students understand computing and engineering, using theoretically grounded qualitative research methods for his explorations. The ultimate aim of his research is to improve computing and engineering education in different international settings. He has also an extensive experience of teaching abroad, in, among other countries, China, France and Bhutan.

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Assoc. Prof. Siegfried Rouvrais Speaker

Associate Professor of system engineering
IMT Atlantique

Siegfried Research & Development areas lie in modeling, processes and
analysis: for large software systems and for Higher Education systems.
His current scholarly interests are in quality enhancement in line with international accreditation requirements, so as curriculum transformation and resilience in VUCA contexts. IEEE senior member, he serves currently as Fellow in Lab-STICC research laboratory (UMR 6285, MOCS/SHARP team).

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Prof. Dr. Valentina Dagiene Speaker

Professor Doctorate
Vilnius University

Valentina Dagiene focuses on informatics (computing) education research, specifically on computational thinking, technology enhanced learning, development of K-12 curricula, teacher education and digital competence, development of education tools, and gamification. She has published over 300 research articles and 60 textbooks. She is established and is Editor of two international journals “Informatics in Education“ and “Olympiads in Informatics” (indexed by Scopus, WOS emerging list, etc.). She coordinated over 50 national and international projects on ICT and informatics education and STEM. She is acknowledged by Ada Lovelace Computing Excellence Award (2016).

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Prof. Mats Daniels Speaker

Professor in Computing Education Research
Uppsala University

I am leading the Uppsala Computing Education Research Group at the Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University. My area of interest is professional competencies, with a particular focus on learning environments suitable for dealing with open-ended problems and international collaboration.