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Pearls Before Swine Passed

Sunday August 22, 2021 16:30 - 17:30 YELLOW room

Partner: Henni Andreasson

Presenter: Henni Andreasson

(Language of the event English/Swedish)

❗ May contain triggering content: Prostitution, dark depicions with references to abuse, sexual violence and self harm. No imagery will be explicit.

I knew coming out as trans wouldn't be easy. But nothing could have prepared me for the constant offers of money in exchange for sex. As an artist, my way of dealing with this is by creating art. Join me when I talk about what led up to me creating Pearls Before Swine and what it's like trying to find an identity while being told that your worth is in being someone’s fetish.

Organiser: Henni Andreasson


Henni Andreasson Presenter