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Dominance & Submission Passed

Friday August 20, 2021 14:00 - 17:00 ORANGE room

Partner: Caritia Abell / Karada House

Lecturer: Caritia

(Language of the event English)

Power is so frequently displayed in the media as toxic or contaminated - too many and genuinely wonderful individuals become possessive warmongers, too little and one is seen as weak and possessing no will of their own. What if Caritia told you it is far more nuanced than that? What if there is another perspective, another lens by which power could be seen? One that stripes away the shame and guilt, allowing for communicated joy and support in reclaiming your desire(s). Join Caritia for this hands-on workshop about power, power play and hierarchical dynamics from a perspective you may find truly uplifting.

 ❗  Not suitable for under 18 yr old.
❗❗May contain possibly triggering content: Violence.

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Caritia Lecturer