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Profilbild för Data driven care paths for outpatients at Keski-Satakunta health district, Finland

Data driven care paths for outpatients at Keski-Satakunta health district, Finland Har passerat

Tisdag 25 augusti 2020 14:30 - 15:00 Population based health - databasdriven folkhälsa på individes vilkor

Föreläsare: Aki Kuivalainen

Invisible visible among outpatients! Utilizing data driven care path/model where patient provides real time data including vital sign, activity/energy consumption, daily routines by using health tracker/sensors provides more quality to care and strengthens individual´s commitment to care process when changes in conditions are made visible for patient and care staff at the same time. Proven results are seeing as strengthened safety feeling which supports individuals activities which leads to decreased (-40%) usage of special care, most likely ER visits and decreased amount (-11%) of physicians visits without lack of care quality. Model utilizes modern API-interfaces, IoT-platform, AI powered care intervention suggestions provided by Predicell Ltd. API-interfaces makes the platform agnostic by its nature which opens possibilities to add new data sources f.ex patien monitoring systems. Open technical architecture opens an opportunity to add data from data lakes of hospitals. Open data lakes for anonymized patien data in Finland is unique opportunity to predict care paths and to support system shift towards value based care model. Service itself is constantly developing and scientific research is on-going.




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Aki Kuivalainen Föreläsare

Predicell Ltd.

CEO Aki Kuivalainen has +20yrs experience from healhcare and welfare as substance and from IT/digitalization opportunities point of view. By working among disabled persons, child welfare, elderly home care in multi-professional teams added with long career at publicly listed IT-service company gives to Aki an unigue vision and understanding what is to combine people and data. Aki holds Bachelor of Social services and Master of Business Administrations. Aki is keen to see a change in healthcare business. Twitter: LinkedIn: