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Connected health: Improving quality of life in chronic illnesses through real-life data and digital services

Tisdag 25 augusti 2020 13:00 - 13:30

Föreläsare: Martin Carlsson, Petra Kaur

One of the biggest challenges in healthcare is that people don’t follow their recommended treatment plans. Studies show that 50-60 % of patients with chronic illnesses miss doses, take the wrong doses, or drop off treatment. Lack of knowledge, lack of support, lack of motivation are key factors in this development, resulting in unnecessary health complications, personal suffering, increased costs of care for society and inefficient use of healthcare resources. For example, approximately 90% of healthcare costs related to diabetes, one of the most rapidly growing chronic conditions, occur due to complications and not from the diabetes treatment itself. We spend more than 640 billion Euros on diabetes care every year. Huge savings can be made – while also minimizing personal suffering. In Europe – 70-80% of all healthcare costs are related to chronic conditions. But barriers to change are hard to overcome alone. To cope with this development, healthcare providers can benefit from introducing ways to be present in-between the physical check-ups, supporting chronic illness patients every day, giving feedback on real-life data and stimulating treatment adherence. Today – healthcare providers have no insight into the patient’s everyday life which means there is no efficient way to adjust and optimize treatments. With the introduction of connected devices, sensors collecting real-life data and digital platforms, a game-changing opportunity have arisen to close today’s information gap between chronic illness patients and healthcare professionals, paving the way for behavioral change with effects such as; improved adherence to treatment, increased quality of life, fewer long-term complications and lower costs for all in the healthcare chain.




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Petra Kaur, from Swedish health tech company Brighter, holds a Master of Science in Biology/Pharmacology and is educated at the University of Umeå and the Karolinska Institute. She has been working with a variety of global health/pharmaceutical oriented companies for the past 20 years.