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KEYNOTE: Molly Watt Har passerat

Tisdag 25 augusti 2020 11:00 - 12:00 Framtidens hjälpmedel är digitala

Key-note speaker: Molly Watt

Molly Watt, Accessibility and UX consultant, keynote speaker at Molly Watt Talks When accessibility meets inclusion Molly is passionate about Inclusive design for all. Accessibility has for too long been over-looked, it’s time to put it firmly at the top of your to do list and Molly is going to tell you why…




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Molly Watt Key-note speaker

My name is Molly Watt, 25 years old.   I am a tech/web, accessibility and usability consultant, motivational speaker, children’s author, illustrator, blogger, International ambassador and advocate for those living with challenges. My passion lies in assistive technology, tech for good, website and environmental accessibility, inclusion and usability.  I currently run my own company and am a co founder of the UK charity Molly Watt Trust where we raise awareness of Usher Syndrome, deafblindness, deafness, blindness, accessibility and inclusion. I also offer support to other UK deafblind charities and across the world. I have and continue to work alongside some of the greats in digital, Apple, LinkedIn, ASOS, ATOS, Spotify.  I work with Sigma’s Experience Design Team assisting with the running of website audits and workshops on digital usability and accessibility, opening the eyes of those in web development and design. I have spoken at Palace of Westminster, Harvard Medical Centre, Government Digital Services, NHS Digital, TEDXNHS, Apple Cupertino, Apple Corporate Sidney, Australia, GN Resound around the world and many many more. Currently on the Diversity and Inclusion Board at the Institute of Coding where I am able to set out my visions for the future. My ultimate aim is to make the world a more open and inclusive place because ‘Nobody knows inclusion like those who have been excluded’.