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Profilbild för Mental Health – a Human Right Left Behind

Mental Health – a Human Right Left Behind Har passerat

Torsdag 14 november 2019 12:30 - 13:00 Globala scenen

Föreläsare: Peter Brune, Rozy Kassab

Mental wellbeing and appropriate action for Psychosocial Support is a fundamental Human Right. But more than 75% of the people with mental health conditions in low- and middle-income countries receive no support at all. In the midst of things mental health has been left behind and is not sufficiently addressed in a consistent way in the SDG´s. 

Lack of mental health is a form of poverty and furthermore a disability. In our ambitions in leaving no one behind, there is need for increased attention to consolidated action for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS). Early action is especially crucial for children and youth and should be a priority in the process going forward. In this regard civil society has an essential role to play through by reaching vulnerable groups, raising awareness and building capacity.

It is estimated that between 2010-2030 mental illness will cost the global economy more than cancer, diabetes and respiratory diseases together. At the same time hundreds of millions of people around the world live the consequences of conflict, violence and oppression. They run an increased risk to developing mental health conditions, that cause individual suffering and impair their abilities to care for themselves and for their families.

In this session we will elaborate on what can done to address this critical issue, with special focus on the Human Rights-perspective and how the existing Human Rights gap can be addressed. War Child Sverige will also present a new report on this topic.


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Profilbild för Peter Brune

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Secretary General War Child Sverige

Rozy Kassab Föreläsare

Swedish youth representative at international conference on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support, in Amsterdam October 2019