Huvudbild för Mänskliga Rättighetsdagarna 2019

08. Creative Methods on Sexuality, Religion, Norms and Tradition Har passerat

Torsdag 14 november 2019 10:30 - 12:00 Sonaten

Föreläsare: Carina Hjelmstam Winberg, Petter Jakobsson

A methodological seminar with the aim to share experiences from both international and Swedish contexts on how to work with religious leaders or young people living in a traditional/religious context for social change. The seminar will take a starting point from Diakonia international experiences from Bangladesh Cox´s Bazaar Rohingya refugee camp, where interactive theatre methodology has been used to address gender based violence, child marriages and information on contraceptives; as well as from the Swedish Mission Council working with a Christian minority using a religious literacy tool in Western India.  These two experiences will be compared with experiences from organizations working in the Swedish context. Similarities, challenges, lessons learnt and “take homes” will be shared during a panel discussion. 

The seminar is for those working in both internationally and in the Swedish context, interested in methodologies that can be used in both development and humanitarian settings as well as a Swedish international environment.  What commonalities can we see among methods and how can we be creative and culturally appropriate in raising sensitive issues such as sexuality, GBV, child marriage or contraceptives in a traditional or religious context? What works and what does not work? 


Diakonia, Svenska Missionsrådet


Metoder och verktyg, Migration, Psykisk hälsa, Religion och övertygelsefrihet, SRHR, Social hälsa



Prioriterade målgrupper

Studenter vid högskola/universitet, Civilsamhälle, Tjänstepersoner vid kommun , Tjänstepersoner vid landsting/region, Tjänstepersoner vid statliga myndigheter/departement, Förtroendevalda, Intresserad allmänhet


Svenska, English




Carina Hjelmstam Winberg Föreläsare


Petter Jakobsson Föreläsare