Huvudbild för Mänskliga Rättighetsdagarna 2019

68. Health, Human Rights and Planning for the Future Har passerat

Fredag 15 november 2019 13:00 - 14:00 Sonaten

Talare: Ana Nordberg , Lotta Wendel, Santa Slokenberga
Moderatorer: Maria Green, Titti Mattsson

From changing demographics to artificial intelligence, a number of core factors are likely to affect how we plan and carry out health care in Sweden in the coming years.  Join the Health Law Research Center at Lund University for an interactive discussion of which issues are likely to be most important and of the various ways in which they are being approached in the latest legal research.  We will also discuss ways to approach these issues, and the future of healthcare generally, from the perspective of international human rights law and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.  


The Health Law Research Center at the Lund University Faculty of Law


Agenda 2030, Folkhälsa, Jämlik hälsa, Minoriteter, Sjukvård, Äldre



Prioriterade målgrupper

Forskare, Förtroendevalda, Intresserad allmänhet






Ana Nordberg Talare

Associate Senior Lecturer, Lund University

Lotta Wendel Talare

Lecturer, Malmö university

Santa Slokenberga Talare

Post-doctoral Researcher, Lund University

Maria Green Moderator

Visiting Professor, Raoul Wallenberg Institute

Titti Mattsson Moderator

Professor of Public Law at the Lund University Faculty of Law and Coordinator of the Lund Health Law Research Group