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How nudging works in practice (Interactive session/WS) Passed

Wednesday December 5, 2018 13:15 - 14:15 Room T6

Lecturer: Samuel Salzer
Workshop facilitator: Ida Lemoine

Category: Break-out sessions | 13.15-14.15

During this session you will take part in an interactive workshop learning how nudging and having an understanding of the irrational side of human nature can help us make meaningful behavior changes in the workplace. Together with the group of other participants you will be sent on a mission - you need to find the right nudge. The workshop will help you create an understanding for how nudging works in practice with the aim of providing you with ideas for how you could implement nudging and change behavior in your own organization.

Facilitators: Ida Lemoine and Samuel Salazar, Beteendelabbet 


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Samuel Salzer Lecturer

Behavioral strategist

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Ida Lemoine Workshop facilitator

CEO & Co-founder