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On a mission to disrupt the existing system of education

Tuesday October 16, 2018 13:15 - 13:45 Main stage

Lecturer: Klara Palmberg Broryd

Nacka Municipality is one of Sweden's fastest growing municipalities and by 2025 the metro to Stockholm City will be ready. 

Listen to Klara Palmberg Broryd sharing her vision of planned Vercity that will complement and challenge today's system of higher education with a focus on the labor market's major need for conversion and the skills of the future.

Vercity is not just a place for higher education, but also accommodates the entire food chain around future education and learning combined with workplace accommodation.


Klara Palmberg Broryd Lecturer

Director of strategy and innovation
Vercity, Nacka kommun

Director of strategy and innovation, Nacka kommun.