How to Lead to Learn - a practical guide on building learning organizations Passed

Monday October 15, 2018 14:00 - 14:45 Workshop Room T5

Moderator: Tommie Cau
Workshop leaders: Henrik Örnstedt, Sofia Högman

Block: Break-out sessions | Monday 15 October 14.00-14.45

Mastering the quest for learning has never been more critical for business renewal and survival. But how do we do it? Join this Baloo workshop mixing inspiration and interaction with concrete real life examples on how to develop a constantly learning organisation. Get the business rationals for making (or keeping) learning your only sustainable competitive advantage and explore 10 key elements that make you as a leader or HR-professional ready to Lead to Learn. Finally, get the guidance, energy and practical tips to get started.


Tommie Cau Moderator

Henrik Örnstedt Workshop leaderExhibitor


Sofia Högman Workshop leader

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