Prologue to the Future of Education Passed

Monday October 15, 2018 13:00 - 13:45 Workshop Room T5

Workshop leader: Iñaki Escudero
Workshop facilitator: Hazel Escudero

Block: Break-out sessions | Monday 15 October 13.00-13.45

Kids going to schools around the world today are already creating and inventing their own world. Dissatisfied with systems, processes and adults unable to address the challenges of learning in the XXI century, this generation of kids have taken matters into their own hands.
How is this generation different form any other before? What role is tech playing for them? What can educators and parents do to keep up?
Let’s formulate the right questions that will help us understand a new generation of learners.


Iñaki Escudero Workshop leader

Hyper Island

Inaki and Hazel Escudero, Hyper Island

Hazel Escudero Workshop facilitator

Hyper Island