How to succeed in keeping talents - 21st Century skills development programs (for our ancient brains) Passed

Monday October 15, 2018 13:00 - 13:45 Workshop Room T4

Moderator: Henna Keränen
Panelists: Anna Tebelius Bodin, Jenny Persson, Johan Westberg, Patrik Birgander

Block: Break-out sessions | Monday 15 October 13.00-13.45

For employers, attracting and keeping talents is harder than ever. In a digital age an impatient generation demands modernised skills development in order to stay at a company. New technology offers great possibilities, but also new challenges. Keeping our mental focus in a world full of impressions is tough on our 40 000 year old brains.
Join our workshop and get new perspectives on how a successful skills development program could be designed, to benefit both organisations and individuals.

Johan Westberg, Education Manager at SATS ELIXIA
Jenny Persson, Human Resource Manager at Söderberg & Partners
Patrik Birgander, Head of Nordea Job Mobility Unit
Anna Tebelius Bodin, Founder of Hjärna Utbildning
Moderator - Henna Keränen, Sting (Stockholm Innovation & Growth)


Henna Keränen Moderator

Community and Digital Marketing Manager
Sting (Stockholm Innovation & Growth)

Anna Tebelius Bodin Panelist

Keynote Speaker / education specialist

Jenny Persson Panelist

HR Manager
Söderberg & Partners

Johan Westberg Panelist

Nordic Education coordinator

Patrik Birgander Panelist

Head of Job Mobility Unit