Future: Meet learnability, the most critical business factor! Passed

Monday October 15, 2018 09:40 - 10:00 Main stage

Speaker: Lars Forseth

The future is already here - rapid changes in the world require that we create a culture of constant learning to have the right skills and not least to attract and retain staff. Leaders have an important role in learning to understand and lead in the constant transfer of skills.

Lars Forseth, Managing Director at Manpower Group, explains the concept of Learnability, LQ, the will and the ability to learn new. Manpower is the leading staffing and recruitment company in Sweden and also a strong driving force towards a changing work landscape.

Learnability affects the labor market on many levels, from recruitment, skills development and not least employer brand. Come challenge yourself to find out if you have the right skills for learnability!


Lars Forseth Speaker

Executive Managing Director
Manpower Group

Executive Managing Director, Manpower Group.