Improving the way we teach with digital learning tools Har passerat

Måndag 29 oktober 2018 12:50 - 13:20 Norra scenen

Föreläsare: Philip Tomlinson

Spår: I lärarrummet, I klassrummet

EF Class is based on a number of strong education principles. During this seminar, we will learn more about these principles, particularly the mastery of formative assessment through the use of digital tools and learning materials.

EF Class is a complete set of flexible learning materials to help teachers motivate students with engaging and interactive English lessons. For free. EF Class has been designed, tested, and perfected where it matters most – in the classroom. Over the course of four years, we have worked with teachers, students, and principals to craft the way EF Class supports learning and teaching. As all classrooms are unique, we’ve visited, observed, and learned from a wide variety of public and charter schools in large cities and small towns. Together with you, the teachers, we are creating lifelong learners.


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49 Grundskola 4-9
Gy Gymnasium



Philip Tomlinson Föreläsare

Philip Tomlinson has worked in educational technology for over seven years as a writer, course designer, and advisor on feature development, building on his prior extensive experience as an English teacher. Philip has worked as part of the EF Class team since the early days of the product, contributing to the development of the EF Class academic principles and the structure of its lessons and courses. Philip combines his work with his ongoing study for an MSc in psychology in order to further develop his understanding of how learning occurs in the brain.