Mentoring, Programming and Using Your Stuff Har passerat

Måndag 29 oktober 2018 15:30 - 16:20 C3

Föreläsare: Mark T. Smith

Spår: I klassrummet

This interactive workshop will look at ways to address the problems around bringing Computational Thinking and Programming into the classroom. It will be of interest to educators as well as community leaders who are concerned about the level of digital literacy that their citizens will need to have. Sweden has established a number of guidelines and directives involving computational thinking and programming, but the guidelines are broad and many implementation details have been left open. In this workshop participants will discuss ways to interpret and achieve the guidelines and will try a hands-on example of a classroom learning activity involving computational thinking with digital tools. The example will be applicable to topics in science, technology, mathematics, and computing.





49 Grundskola 4-9
Gy Gymnasium



Mark T. Smith Föreläsare

Mark T. Smith is Professor of information technology product development in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology, KTH. Mark is also responsible for a new progressive education and human development organization called the Kista Mentorspace and is co-founder of the Swedish non-profit company Inicio. Inicio and the Kista Mentorspace use knowledge sharing among groups of diverse individuals to accomplish goals such as formal education support, provisioning for innovation, business creation, and social inclusion.