InterSystems HealthShare®

HealthShare - Unified Care Record

HealthShare Brings Together the Information that Matters

Connecting providers, patients, and payers through a unified care record and analytics that span the care continuum.

Driving Transformation Beyond the EMR

Improve results with innovations that complement and extend what your day-to-day operational systems can do.

Eliminates the Blind Spots

Duplicative or missing services are incompatible with safe, efficient, high quality care. By bringing together information from across the entire health and care system in real time, HealthShare eliminates the blind spots that lead to gaps in care, missed opportunities, and dangerous and expensive duplication.


Creates a Unified Care Record for Collaborative Care

HealthShare creates a unified, community-wide health record as the foundation for coordinated, value-based care and population health management. With embedded intelligence, and delivery of just the right information at the right time and place within delivery, management, and payment processes, HealthShare enables you to:

Unified Products, Unified Information, Outstanding Outcomes

HealthShare products and add-on components work together to capture information, share it in a meaningful way, aid understanding and, ultimately, drive transformative action across organizations and communities.

HealthShare Unified Care Record

Create the foundation for collaborative care, innovation, and transformation, with a unified care record.

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HealthShare Personal Community

Empower patients and families with the information they need for better outcomes.

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HealthShare Health Insight

Unlock the value of shared, unified health information. Leverage all of your information assets, including unstructured data, for analytics and the delivery of actionable insights when and where needed.

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HealthShare Patient Index

Create and manage a single source of truth for patient identity and demographics within a healthcare enterprise or across a healthcare community.

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HealthShare Provider Directory

Automate the collection, consolidation, and sharing of accurate provider information.

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HealthShare Health Connect

Connect to all patient information sources and formats using an enterprise service bus designed specifically for the demands of healthcare.

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InterSystems HealthShare named a KLAS Category Leader for 2019 and 2020.
It received an exceptional 91/100 approval rating based on customer feedback.

KLAS Research “Interoperability Platforms”

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