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Need help?

Problems? Don't worry - this event format is new to all of us and we will do our best to make sure to get you on track towards a great experience! 

Three ways of getting support

  1. Below, we have listed some frequently asked questions and answers - please check if any of those are applicable to your issue.
  2. If that doesn't help, there's a dedicated support chat next to this window. During the event, this chat will be continuously monitored and we will help you our there in real time.
  3. If the chat is unattended (it will say so at the top), please send an email to lisa.abrahamsson@business-sweden.se and we will support you there.

Frequently asked questions:

I cannot hear any sound from the livestream?

Most browsers enforce a policy that prevents a web page from starting a video with sound automatically (e.g. Chrome, and Safari). As a participant, you have to actively enable the sound from the stream by increasing the sound volume using the controls in the stream interface (see below screenshot).

I cannot find my login details?

When we opened for providing your personal details, you should have received an email from us with a "magic link" that takes you to your personal event page. Please note that this is your personal link and should not be distributed to others.

Where do I find the livestream?

It is located under the page 'Livestream' in the top menu. To navigate to it directly, click the button below.

Go to live stream

How can I ask a question to the people on the other end of the livestream?

The event chat is located to the right of the livestream video player. It is a moderated chat where messages sent are visible to the moderators but not automatically visible to all participants. The main purpose of the Join Sweden Summit chat is to proactively distribute information about current and upcoming sessions in the live stream.

I missed a part of the livestream, can you send me a recording?

The live stream is recorded and will be available on the page for its agenda item (see above) shortly after the livestream is concluded. It is accessible to all event participants for 30 days from its recording date. We do not share the source files of these recordings.