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1. Do you need help to log in?

2. Tips for best experience

3. Tips for best videoquality

4. Keep an eye on the bell

5. Add seminars to your calendar

6. How to enter a seminar or meeting

7. Networking

8. Do you have any difficulties? 

9. Instruction video

10. Contact

1. Do you need help to log in?
If you have have any problems to log in to the platform you can request to get a new password. To do this you can press Log in (on the right side) and click on Forgot your password?. Use the e-mail address you used when you registered for the conference, and you will receive an e-mail with information on how to reset your password and log in. Remember to also check your spam e-mail if you don't receive it. 

2. Tips for best experience

- On this platform you need to use an updated browser. Google Chrome is recommended. Firefox, Safari, Edge   Chromium, Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android is also ok to use, but somewhat limited. 

- Make sure to allow your browser to access your camera and microphone

- Close all other applications and browser windows using the camera or microphone

- Make sure you are connected to a stable network

3. Tips for best videoquality

These steps will solve most video problems:

- Reload your browser

- Try to use Incognito or Private mode

- Quit and reopen your browser 

- Try different type of browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge Chromium)

- Restart your computer

4. Keep an eye on the bell 

If the bell suddenly has a orange number on the side it means that somebody tries to contact you or a seminar is starting soon. Click on the bell to see more information. The bell will look like this when you have a notification:

5. Add seminars to your calendar

You can add seminars to your calendar. Then you will get a notification five minutes before the seminar starts and also easily find them in "Your calendar". To do this you can go to the site called "programme". Find the seminar you want to add, and click on "Add". You can also click on "More information" to read more about the seminar. 

6. How to enter a seminar or meeting

Go to "PROGRAMME" or "DAY ZERO" in the top menu and find the seminar you want to attend. If you go to "DAY ZERO", you can click on the "JOIN" button and you will automaticly join the meeting through zoom, teams, YouTube or Facebook. If you go to "PROGRAMME" you can click on the heading to the seminar you want to attend and then click on "Check in". The same thing as If you click on the "JOIN" button will happen, so you will get directly to the seminar.

7. Networking

On the Networking site you can join one to one meetings at different time slots through the conference. Sometimes you will have to allow your browser to use the microphone or camera. Then a pop-up window will show and you need to press "allow". Under is an example of what it can look like in Norwegian. "Tillat" means the same as allow.
Et bilde som inneholder tekst

Automatisk generert beskrivelse

After this you need to turn on video or audio. Below you can see what it looks like when you have video and audio on:                                                                                                                                           

If you want to turn off your video and audio you can click on the camera and audio. When both are off it will look like this:

It is also possible to choose video or audio. To do this you can press the "turn" off" or "turn on" button on the one you would like to change. In the picture below the camera is off, while the sound is on:

8. Do you have any difficulties? 

This may be due to a firewall or other network or security configuration that is blocking the videoconference. Try the following:

- Try a different computer or mobile device

- Connect to a different Wi-Fi

9. This instruction video will show you how to get the best experience when using the platform:

10. If you need any technical assistance please write in the chat on this site or contact one of us: 

Sindre Hauge


Mobile: (+47) 99707782

Harald Riisnæs


Mobile: (+47) 90658541

Annika Bouvin


Alexander Saritas


Kristina Øyen


Mobile: (+47) 47842565

Henriette Aaberg


Mobile: (+47) 95289606

Janne Bolstad


Mobil: (+47) 90658541