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AGENDA PART I & II - May 17th 2022

PART I - Venue Address: Start Up Nation Central, Lilienblum St 28, Tel Aviv-Yafo
PART II - Venue Address: Israel Export Institute, Ha’Mered 29, Tel Aviv 5th floo

Registration & Coffee
PART I of The Connector is hosted by Start-Up Nation Central
Venue Address: Start Up Nation Central, Lilienblum St 28, Tel Aviv-Yafo
09:30 – 09:45
Welcome Address
  • Erik Ullenhag, Ambassador of Sweden to Israel 
  • Stina Billinger, State Secretary, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, Government of Sweden
  • Avi Hasson, CEO, Start-Up Nation Central
  • Dr. Einat Magal, Deputy Chief Scientist, Ministry of Economics & the Chairman of the Israel Innovation Authority

Key Note by Host Start-Up Nation Central

Israel’s AgriFood-Tech Sector Overview 
Ido Yosovzon, AgriFood-Tech Lead, Start-Up Nation Central
Introduction to Try Swedish 
Introduction to Try Swedish and Swedish Food and Agtech 
 Maria Kärnerud, Program Manager Try Swedish & Helen Rönnholm, Head of Ecosystem Sustainable Lifestyle, Business Sweden

Introduction Key Notes 
to Collaboration with Swedish MNEs
Introduction to tech and innovation collaboration with ICA Växa (10 min) 
Jacqueline Dangoor Engdahl, Head of ICA Växa
  • Interested in tech and innovation partnerships within: ICA is Sweden’s leading grocery retailer with 1300 stores and 36% of the market. After gathering the latest research on elements for a sustainable food system, ICA Växa was launched as an initiative to apply the insights in practice. In short, ICA needs to increase the focus on biodiversity, closer food loops and accelerate a shift towards more plant-based food. ICA Växa works across all areas and collaborate with actors ranging from farmers to laboratories, start-ups to multinationals. ICA Växa structures the work out of three areas: Research and Open Innovation – ICA Växa participates and share knowledge to improve research and test innovation quickly, Scale-up – ICA Växa help commercialize & scale innovation or business models through their ~1200 store network, Local Food Loops – ICA Växa works to facilitate local food loops between stores and local farmers or entrepreneurs. Interested in plant-based products, alternative proteins, AI driven tools to analyze consumer behavior.

Introduction to tech and innovation collaboration with Tetra Pak (10 min)
Micael Simonsson, Director Processing Innovations at Tetra Pak
Lidia Garcia, Head of Project Management and External Innovation at Tetra Pak

  • Tetra Pak is a world leading food processing and packaging solutions company with 25.000 employees in 160 countries.  We’re on a mission to answer our industry’s most pressing questions, and we know we can’t do it alone. That’s why we’re always on the look-out for opportunities to combine the most innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology of startups & universities with our expertise, solutions and scale. Together, we explore ideas, push technology forward and shape the future of the industry. Tetra Pak is interested in precision fermentation and other biotechnology techniques to produce novel foods and alternative proteins.

Introduction to Israeli Corporates 
  • Introduction to tech and innovation collaboration with The Builders (10 min) 
    Gaby Shemer, Sr. Director of Commercialization & Growth, The Builders
  • Introduction to tech and innovation collaboration with ICL Group (10 min) 
    Natanja Slager, AgTech Front End Innovation Lead, ICL Group

Networking Break
Networking break & coffee at Start-Up Nation Central. 

Introduction to Swedish & Israeli Start-up & SMEs Pitches

Bio Circular
Adi Goldman, CEO & Co-founder

  • Enabling optimal transition from fossil-fuel-plastics, with a scalable, fully biological, environmentally friendly process, contributing towards reducing greenhouse gases emission, with a zero waste and circular economy approach.

Rotem Innovation
Meir Arbiv, CEO

  • Rotem Innovation has created technology in the form of a patent platform of bacteria that can germinate and create nutritious food. Light and computer system together can be used to create plant growth without the need for sunlight or an environmental control system.

Gidon Moshkovitz, Founder & President

  • TRACXPOiNT is building the new unlimited potential of Retail AI-engine that guarantee an individual shopping experience with cashier-less on-cart payment and a system which includes a unique combination of AI software, IoT- & proprietary sensor fusion.

Ilan Arbel, CEO

  • Herd-itt has developed a first of its kind system, combining unique IP and AI integrated with an advanced IoT Collar and Drone, to increase yield and alert in cases of illness, epidemic and theft of large cattle herds, while significantly saving operation costs. The technology, which also assists in preservation of endangered wildlife, is targeting a multi-billion market, and is already being sold worldwide.

Agwa Farm
Gal Wollach, CEO

  • Agwa’s AI driven cloud Virtual Agronomist monitors and remotely controls every aspect that’s relevant to growing vegetables, herbs, fruits, and bulbs. This makes the device long-term consistent and extremely efficient, capable of fully providing a family’s greens, herbs and more, totally chemically free, and at a cost that’s less than 50% off organic produce retail prices. 

More Foods
Leonardo Marcovitz, CEO

  • More Foods uses alternative protein sources such as yeast and other protein sources that may be by-products from the food industry to make novel meat alternative products. The company's first product, More Beef, is a cut of beef, made completely of plant protein.
    • Alternative meat tasting after pitch

Carl-Gustav Löf, CEO, 

  • Awarded the Marcus Wallenberg Prize for groundbreaking research of the role of organic nitrogen in the nutrition of trees, used already by world leading forestry companies like SCA, Holmen, Sveaskog, Stora Enso and now advancing the innovation partnerships and applications with Europe’s largest ag-tech players within vertical farming, producing vegetables and combining their technology with Arevo’s liquid nutrient technology. Is interested in partnerships with market leading Israeli companies as well as Israeli academic partners, start up and scale ups.

  • 10 Israeli start-up, scale-up and SME pitches á 5min.

Transfer to Israel Export Institute's Facilities

PART II is hosted by the Israel Export Institute
Venue Address: Israel Export Institute, Ha’Mered 29, Tel Aviv 5th floor 
Networking Lunch
Participants are invited to a networking lunch at Israel Export Institute.

Introduction Key Notes to Collaboration with Swedish Academia & Research Institutes
Introduction to tech and innovation collaboration with Agtech 2030, Linköping University (10 min) 
Per Frankelius, Associate Professor at Linköping University (Agtech 2030)
  • Interested in tech and innovation partnerships within: Agriculture sensors, such as advances in animal sensors, digital technology and mechanics, but also on new collaborations and ways of doing business. Additionally interested in satellite-based ground analysis and soil compaction prevention.
Introduction to tech and innovation collaboration with Research Institutes of Sweden - RISE (10 min)
Peter Alberius, Head of International Business Development at RISE
  • Interested in tech and innovation partnerships within RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB (RISE) is a Swedish state-owned research institute, collaborating with universities, industry and the public sector. RISE is interested in collaboration with in all aspects of functional foods, and in particular the process of- and prototyping of Alternative Protein products.
Introduction to tech and innovation collaboration with Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Holding (SLU) (10 min) 
Henrik Landgren, Senior Innovation & Business Advisor at SLU Holding
Henrik Cyrén, Senior Innovation & Business Advisor at SLU Holding
  • Interested in tech and innovation partnerships within: SLU Holding is the designated entity for tech transfer and innovation support for the Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU). SLU is a university with a national reach with three main campuses and 40+ research stations. The university conducts research and education about agriculture, food, clean water, biomaterials and bioenergy, as well as animal and human welfare and sustainable cities. SLU is interested in collaborations within AI Robotics, vertical farming, new sources of protein.
Introduction to tech and innovation collaboration with Lund University and Food Science Sweden 
Jeanette Purhagen, Managing Director Food Science Sweden (FFS) & Project Manager at Department of Food Technology, Engineering and Nutrition Lund University 
  • Interested in tech and innovation partnerships within: Food Science Sweden (FSS) is a joint organization, gathering the largest players in Swedish food science research – Chalmers, Lund University, SLU, Örebro University and RISE in a joint action for Swedish food science research. Interested in collaboration within: Plant-based, residual streams, dairies, nutrition and macrobiotics.

Introduction to Collaboration
with Israeli MNEs & Academia
Pitches by leading Israeli MNEs and Academia á 10min

  • Introduction to collaboration with NevaTeam Ventures (10 min)
     Shai Levy, Managing Partner, NevaTeam Ventures 
  • Introduction to collaboration with Haifa Group (10 min)

    Chanan Sluszny, Innovation Manager, Haifa Group

Networking Break

Networking Break & Coffee at Israel Export Institute
One-to-One Meetings 
Pre-booked and matched in advance.
Register and pre-book meetings until May 12th 2022: HERE

For more information, please contact: 
Alma Basha, Associate, Business Sweden
Vit Lichtenstein, Consultant, Business Sweden