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Profilbild för SeptiLoop: Immune activity biomarkers to early identify sepsis progression

SeptiLoop: Immune activity biomarkers to early identify sepsis progression

Föreläsare: Enrique Hernández Jiménez

Time matters when treating sepsis, a condition that according to a recent report by the World Health Organization (WHO) kills 11 million people each year, many of them children, and it disables millions more. Sepsis occurs in response to an infection, and when it is not recognized early and managed promptly, it can lead to septic shock, multiple organ failure, and death. 

Traditional lab tests that diagnose the condition can take a few hours or even longer, that is why Loop Diagnostics is working on a new diagnostic test for sepsis that aims to be faster than other tools available in the market. Loop DX focuses on identifying immune activity biomarkers in patients’ bloodstream through biochemical testing. 

The current rapid tests for sepsis diagnose use damage-related biomarkers, which start being detectable/present in blood at least six hours after the bacteria-infected/moved into the blood flow. 

Loop DX, on the other hand, is focused on identifying immune activity biomarkers that start being detectable just one hour after the bacteria infects the blood. By using this new methodology and biomarkers, the window of detection begins five hours early. As sepsis is a time-critical condition, a fast, accurate diagnosis will allow antibiotic treatment to start earlier, improve patient outcomes and recovery times, save lives and reduce health costs

The Barcelona-based start-up is developing a new lateral flow platform for the diagnosis of sepsis at the point of care that relies on in vitro cellular immunoassay to monitor cells. This technique aims to provide healthcare workers with a better understanding of how to treat patients and to offer a faster diagnosis than pathogen identification, according to Enrique Hernández, CEO and cofounder of Loop DX with Eduard Guerrero. The company claims it can provide a relatively quick result with the SeptiLoop test they are developing. This test relies on a blood draw and no additional lab work is needed to produce a result.






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Profilbild för Enrique Hernández Jiménez

Enrique Hernández Jiménez Föreläsare

CEO of Loopdx
Loop Diagnostics S.L.

I am a researcher in the Health area with experience in translational medicine and medical devices. On the personal side, I am a pragmatic person and I am able to manage my own stress. I love teamwork leading ideas and projects; however, I also consider myself an independent person and self-motivated.

Born in Soria in 1989, I moved to Lleida to study a degree in Biotechnology. My interest in science started making an internship in the United States. I took part into an Erasmus study program in Florence where I specialized in the biomedical area. I finished my PhD in La Paz Hospital in Madrid in the reprogramming of the immune response. After that, I decided to join to d•HEALTH Barcelona where I found an excellent opportunity to apply my biomedical knowledge in a business model to create real value to society. I am currently working as a researcher and self-employed entrepreneur in an innovative microbiological diagnostic startup @Loop-dx.