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Profilbild för "Fall inte" (Don't Fall)

"Fall inte" (Don't Fall)

Föreläsare: Tobias Groth

Spår: HealthTech Award

Everyone can fall, but the risk of injury in a fall accident increases with age. Every year, 50 000 elderly people fall so badly that they end up in hospital. But with relatively little effort, that figure can be reversed. Research shows that regular balance training can reduce the risk of falls and fractures by 60%.


Getting started and keeping up your training is difficult, and the key to make a difference. A good training buddy who motivates you can make a big difference. We believe that the grandchildren is the best way to motivate, who can say no to a determined 8-year-old?


Fall Inte (Don't Fall) is the app where older people get help with a workout created by their grandchildren or someone else who wants to help prevent fall accidents. The children record eleven different exercises that build mobility, balance and strength. The training program is saved in a personal app and an invitation is sent to the person the child wants to train with. The app also notify the users with personal reminders every week.


The best training is the one that actually happens.


Profilbild för Tobias Groth

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