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Profilbild för Healthcare world-wide is changing – and existing healthcare systems need to change with it

Healthcare world-wide is changing – and existing healthcare systems need to change with it

Föreläsare: Aldo Vermiglio

Spår: Framtidens omsorg och vård

The big picture tells us that healthcare is changing, much faster than we might have thought. Propelled by the pandemic, healthtech is fast becoming a crucial part of health. In this seminar we’ll outline the big world-wide trends in healthcare and healthtech and show that the healthcare system needs to adapt, and by doing so provide better health for patients and better working conditions for healthcare professionals.

The pandemic outbreak last year triggered a series of global trends in healthtech that have proven, to every actor within the care chain, to considerably transform health outcomes; such as quality of care, care delivery, speed and cost. Change is inevitable, and coming from all over the globe. Global private companies are moving fast into health, but are still eyeing Nordic healthtech startups that in many cases are ahead in the game. At the same time, healthcare providers all around the globe are utilizing healthtech more than ever. It’s a perfect storm – and change is happening rapidly.

The seminar covers:

Can we afford to drive this change, or can we afford not to?




Other, eHealth






Management/decision makers
Organizational development
Purchasers/acquisitions/eco nomy/HR
Patient/user organizations


Actual examples (good/bad)


Profilbild för Aldo Vermiglio

Aldo Vermiglio Föreläsare

Innovation Manager
Healthtech Nordic

Aldo works at Innovation Skåne and the project HealthTech Nordic as a Innovation Manager.