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With Jamf’s cloud-based solutions, you get everything you need to deploy telehealth programs at your healthcare institutions:

- Provider to patient room video calls
- Patient communication with loved ones
- Remote care for at-home patients
- Zero-touch deployment
- EMR Integration to automate bedside device management
- Healthcare compliance
- Wireless shared device management
- Tethered shared device management

With the global shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) putting doctors, nurses and the extended care team at risk for contracting COVID-19, and patients are under intense isolation and without their families, Jamf offers a new telehealth workflow within Jamf Pro aimed to protect providers while still connecting patients to care and their communities — Virtual Visits. Virtual Visits allows you to:

- Remotely configure and deploy secure in-room video calls
- Provide one-click access to virtual care for patients
- Deliver easy, instant video connections for providers and families
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Transform the patient experience using Apple & Jamf

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