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Implementation of IBD symptom diary – Case Finnish IBD register Har passerat

Tisdag 17 maj 2022 13:30 - 14:00 A5

Föreläsare: Aaro Mustonen

The IBD Symptom Diary is a digital application that was developed to improve the patient care and information between the patient and the healthcare professionals. 

IBD Symptom Diary enables continuous home-monitoring of patients with IBD. This Symptom Diary allows patients to monitor their symptoms and well-being daily. They can see their own answers and how their symptoms and well-being have developed weekly, monthly, or annually. During treatment follow-up, the Symptom Diary also visualizes lab results used to monitor treatment, such as CRP, calprotectin and hemoglobin values, which are derived from the IBD register. In addition, certain endoscopy related parameters, such as SES-CD and Mayo Score are visualized for the patient. The IBD register is used by healthcare professionals in Finland and it is integrated in the hospital's electronic health record systems and synchronized with the Symptom Diary. 

Health care professionals can see the summary view in IBD register of all the data that the patient has inserted in the Symptom Diary and the data is visualized in real time. The information is a part of the decision making process supporting the patient's treatment pathway. Tampere University Hospital , was the first hospital in Finland, which started to use the Symptom Diary in 2021. 

The IBD Symptom Diary provides new ways to support patient care and is an efficient tool for long-term data collection. The opportunity of patients to monitor the development of their symptoms and well-being, and to see the lab parameters used to monitor treatment may improve adherence to treatment. With efficient data collection we have increased opportunity to utilize the data for AI activities such as synthetic data and outcomes prediction. 




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Real World Data Manager
BCB Medical Oy

Aaro Mustonen is a Finnish Real World Data Manager in BCB Medical Ltd. He has long experience in life science projects, product management and health care. He has been setting up several health care quality register solutions in Finland. He works closely with Finnish National Institute of Health and Welfare as a consulting expert. M.Eng. Health Tech. (Turku), B.Sc. Nursing (Turku).