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EdTech Sweden is the largest meeting place in Scandinavia for adult learning and skills development. It is an initiative and a community dedicated to help Sweden regain pole position in edtech for higher education.

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Today's moderator Ulf Skarin welcome all to this year's Edtech Sweden with the theme "Learning economy".

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The transformation power of digitization affects the prerequisites for learning. It changes the conditions for how we create learning organizations, how we organize education and how we get to know our knowledge.
Carl Heath,  senior researcher and responsible for Digitalization and Learning in RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden

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Our systems and processes for education rest in centuries-old traditions. At the same time, we move quickly from an industrial society into a knowledge economy. But do we learn the right things on our new journey?
Darja Isaksson has founded the digital agency Ziggy Creative Colony
Erik Fernholm is the CEO of 29k, founded by the Norrsken foundation and the Ekskäret foundation

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Hélène Barnekow is the CEO of Telia Sweden, she is leading Telia Sweden in the midst of the digital leap - towards customer satisfaction and the new generation of telecom companies.

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Case: SEB and Stockholm School of Economics, Executive Education
Like many banks, SEB is in the midst of a major transformation meeting new customer needs in a digitized world where the perception of banking is changing rapidly.
Anders Richtner, ceo Stockholm School of Economics, Executive Education Kristina Bixo, Head of Learning and Organizational Development in HR at SEB.

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Per Olsson is leading the SRC research stream Resilience Science for Transformations, working with agency and system entrepreneurship, social-ecological innovations, and transformations to sustainability.
Listen to how participants in the leadership program LEAP - a leadership program on human and planetary opportunities - address some of the world's biggest social and ecological challenges to explore globally sustainable solutions together.

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Lunch & networking

Tuesday 11:45 - 12:45 Exhibition area

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Welcome to the EdTech lab! During a co-creation session, you get the tools to go from word to action. 
Lisa Lindström, CEO of Doberman Design Agency and digital advisor to the Government, guides participants through a rapid prototype process.

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Looking for insights on what edtech means for HR and leadership? Want to get inspiration about digital corporate learning? Tommie Cau, HR advisor and digital strategist, conducts a workshop at EdTech Sweden between 12.45 and 14.15. The workshop combines close-up talks with hand-picked EdTech speakers and interactive topical discussions in round-table setting. With a starting point in your organisation today, we explore the corporate learning opportunities and challenges leaders and HR-executives need to be on top on.

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Sweden is at the forefront of entrepreneurship, innovation and technology. What is the status of the Swedish edtech scene?
Jannie Jeppesen, founder and CEO of Swedish Edtech Industry
Fredrik Wetterhall, CEO of Lexplore
Jeremias Andersson, investor
Frida Monsén, founder of Blixtjakten 
Niklas Jungegard, CEO and co-founder of Squore

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Sweden was early on one of the leading countries in digitalization. But we have also seen Sweden losing the lead and we face new challenges, especially in the field of competence.
Martin Linder, Förbundsordförande at Unionen, is taking on the challenge.

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42 is a IT-school in the french higher education system, founded by the controversial french billionaire Xavier Niel. Olivier Crouzet, Head of Pedagogy at 42, has developed a pedagogy completely without teachers and lectures. And that is all free for the students.

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Professor David Black Schaeffer tells us how he successfully turns interactive digital learning into a natural part of university education. By focusing the teacher’s time on the active learning activities, students can realize significantly higher educational gains, and have a lot more fun.

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Panel discussion:
Olivier Crouzet, Head of Pedagogy at 42
David Black Schaeffer, associate professor at Uppsala University
Klara Adolphson, Decoding X

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Listen to a discussion with Joel Hellermark and Anna Nordell, founder of Sana Labs, and Casper Norden, affärsstrateg på Peltarion, who is developing the world's first digital personally customized education system.