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Communication re-imagined
GRASP is used to register events over time. By squeezing the GRASP you store time of event, intensity, and duration for the event. GRASP replaces complicated apps, notebooks and other tools intended for self-reporting of affective events.

Grasp will help people globally to communicate and grasp their emotions in a way no one ever have seen. This is healthcare innovation with a patient centered focus.

Around 30% of adults (between 18-96 years) are experiencing longtime pain. General Practitioners are dealing with pain related problems a big part of daily consultations. Today, it is common to use questionnaires, often 6-10 pages, to map the patients bothers with pain.
This is comprehensive and limits therefore the use to specialists with time and knowledge of the “tool”.

Cumbersome mapping tools also lead to poor patient compliance and thus limited use. The mapping of pain is also particularly demanding with children and the elderly, due to language and skills to understand and participate in a survey form.

Mapping these moments is difficult to capture with today's methods. The methods are characterized by being cumbersome with little adherence. They will therefore have little use in the clinic which in turn leads to the fact that they are also not used. Today's methods also contain moments that have a limited transfer value in the clinical everyday life.

Grasp enables you to squeeze what you experience when the experience occur independently from anything else. You can use Grasp to log experiences like pain, stress, fear, anxiety, sorrow, shortness og breath, pain, dizziness, hunger, withdrawal, but also happiness and motivation. Using Grasp is easy – just squeeze your experiences. Grasp will remembers when you squeezed, for how long and the strength in your squeeze. Grasp takes care of your experiences and displays them to you whenever you want to see them.
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