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Webstep ASA is a technology and consulting firm listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The company has had profitable growth since its inception in 2000. Full year revenues in 2020 were NOK 690 million (EUR 68 million) with an EBIT of NOK 50 million (EUR 4.9 million). Webstep is located in 9 different cities in Norway and Sweden, and employs 400+ employees covering a wide range of roles and competencies. By mapping complicated problems with uncomplicated solutions, Webstep consultants have made themselves relevant and indispensable to hundreds of customers across multiple industries.

Webstep strongly believes that digital transformation is essential to solving societal challenges. As an innovative IT service provider, Webstep is well positioned to meet the high demand for expert competencies and advisory services.



Webstep ASA

Tuesday 14:20 - 14:40 CEST Stream 2

Contact information


+47 911 51 110


Edvard Storms gate 2

0166 Oslo



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Webstep ASA