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In 2013 Distruptive Technologies saw the opportunity for a major constructive disruption solving the Internet-of-Things challenges interconnectedness, which most consider expensive, cumbersome, limited and highly exposed to privacy and security concerns. Disruptive Technologies is the developer of the world’s smallest commercial-grade wireless sensors and a rapidly growing innovator in the IoT market. The solution is a system of small, efficient, powerful and adaptable sensors to reach large number of operational components.

The sensing solution based on these tiny sensors simplifies data collection and delivers the data securely to DT’s own dashboard (DT Studio) or partners’ analytics programs in the cloud. The technology enables sensor solutions for smart buildings, facilities management, workplace, manufacturing & warehousing, cold storage and substations. Finally, safe, cost efficient and sustainable operations allow people to truly unload the ordinary for more rewarding pursuits. From predictive maintenance to energy efficiency and sustainability, DT connecting people and information to deliver Connected Change™.
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Disruptive Technologies

Thursday November 12, 2020 16:30 - 16:50 CET Stream 2

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Disruptive Technologies