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The Consumer Classroom project is a European Commission (EC) funded collaborative platform and multilingual website for teachers across the EU launched on March 2013. It is therefore a tool that provides a response to the new approaches towards consumer education.

Consumer Education is a sub-theme under Education for Sustainable Development. It is the preparation of individuals through skills, concepts and understanding that are required for everyday living to achieve maximum satisfaction and utilization of his/her resources in a sustainable way.

It consists on an interactive open multilingual platform for the on-line community of teachers of between 12 to 18 years olds European schools and other stakeholders across Europe (experts in education or consumer issues, parents, etc.).

This collaborative tool help teachers and experts sharing experiences and create joint projects with other teachers and experts, as well as with their students. The main objective of this aspect is encouraging inter-school multi-disciplinary projects and also offering teachers the opportunity to become a consumer education expert using the tools provided in this website.

Taking full advantage of the latest web technologies and community based Internet usage, Consumer Classroom provides ready-to-use teaching resources on a wide range of consumer education themes.

The platform aims to provide better coordination and synergies with national efforts within the area of consumer education and provides a database with teaching/pedagogical resources on consumer education and its subthemes, adapted to each European Country's national Curriculum.

Its main goal is to promote an understanding of the structures and systems within the market and provide the insight necessary to develop citizens into responsible and intelligent acting consumers. In particular, it seeks to encourage Consumer Education in European secondary schools.



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European Commission e-Platform, Consumer Classroom


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European Commission e-Platform, Consumer Classroom

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European Commission e-Platform, Consumer Classroom