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InvitePeople is a one-stop-shop for all types of events – from trade fairs to corporate events.

Handle registrations, payments, social networking, invites, seminar program and much more with our cloud based solutions.

Mobile smartphone apps give attendees, exhibitors, partners and organizers real time information and opportunities for interaction.

Smartphone apps

Apps and mobile web solutions for all participants with information about the event.

  • Organizer
  • Exhibitors
  • Attendees
  • Sponsors
  • Partners
  • Speakers

Apps for the organizer, exhibitors, attendees, sponsors and speakers.

For attendees

  • See who else is coming, search among exhibitors and attendees. See whom of your Facebook or LinkedIn contacts will be at the event. Send messages and book meetings.
  • Always have the current event program at hand.
  • Book seminars and other activities.
  • Ticket with QR-code in your smartphone.
  • Scan attendee badges with your smartphone and exchange contact information.
  • Have all your event activities in your event calendar: scheduled meetings, booked seminars and other activities.
  • All information is in real time. If the organizer makes changes all participants automatically knows it.

For organizers

  • Get statistics in real time and be in control. How many tickets are sold? How many and who has entered? Statistics and information are easily accessible through your smartphone.
  • With smartphones, scan name badges and tickets at-the-door and at seminars and other sub-activities.

For exhibitors

  • Know who is coming to the event, book meetings and send messages.
  • Scan attendees name badges with InvitePeople’s Lead scanner and get relevant information about scanned people.


InvitePeople’s online registrations system helps you through the registration process. Hassle free and easy to use with many great features to minimize time spent and maximize customer satisfaction.

  • Create registration web pages with different tickets types, adjustable prices, ad on sales and registration for sub-events as seminars.
  • Registration form, easily adjustable.
  • Payment with credit card or invoice.

All registration information is in one place with administrative tools for easy handling.

Custom made web page for registration, payments with credit card and invoice.

Configure registration forms.

Create different ticket types with adjustable dates, target groups or price.

Send e-mail invitations and have total control over who you invited, who has registered or not and the economy.

With a few clicks you get great CSV files with registration information. Who and how many, selected vegetarian food for lunch? Who registered for a certain seminar? You’re in control and saving time.


Use InvitePeople payment system. Receive payments at registration and let participants buy seminar and other sub-event tickets at any time and add them to their entrance ticket.

  • Payments with credit card or invoice.
  • Registration and payment for sub-events such as seminars, lunches, mingles or parties.
  • Group payments. Groups of people can register together and make reservations for sub-activities. All included in one invoice.
  • InvitePeople helps all the way through with postal or digital invoices, follow up and economical reporting.

Mobile entry system

Suitable for everything from big trade shows to small conferences. With smartphones as scanners and the system in the cloud, it is truly a mobile and flexible system with only of the-shelf-parts for usage.

  • Smartphone apps for entry scanning of tickets or name-badges.
  • Designed name-badges or tickets with QR-codes.
  • Registration software for on-site registration, change attendee information and print badges.


Use InvitePeople’s system to publish bookable seminars, lectures and medical- or other programs.

  • By categorizing and tagging seminars, attendees can search, filter and find suitable activities.
  • Get payments by credit card or invoice.
  • Attendees can book seats and add the seminar to their mobile personal event calendar.
  • Create lecture profiles and present seminars.

Easy to understand, practical to use!

With InvitePeople it is easy for the end user to book activities. With a shopping cart, they pick the activities the want to attend and pay with credit card or invoice. When adding an activity, it is automatically added to the person’s event calendar and all users ends up with a practical personal schedule for mobile use on-site.

The organizer can choose between many payment options: per activity, half day, day or let attendees pay for the full program.

Events in the event

Let attendees book and pay for other activities at or around your event. Parties, dinners, lectures, mingles or any type of sub-activity to your event.

Let attendees book seats for activities and collect payments with credit card or invoice.

  • Exhibitors booth activities can be booked and scheduled.
  • Visits to sites outside your event area.
  • Spouse programs.
  • At-the-door. Use InvitePeople’s entrance app to scan people at the door to check tickets and receive entrance.

Easy to grasp, easy to use!

With an intuitive and user-friendly design, it is easy for the end user to book activities. With a shopping cart, they pick the activities the want to attend and pay with credit card or invoice. When adding an activity, it is automatically added to the person’s event calendar and all users ends up with a practical personal schedule for mobile use on-site.


Use InvitePeople to promote your event. Send invitation e-mails or text-messages and facilitate easy registration with group-bookings. With a flexible pricing system you can create attractive packages to promote.

  • Create and promote targeted offers with differentiated prices.
  • Send VIP-invitations.
  • Allow persons to make group reservations for companies, families or school classes.
  • Send e-mails and text messages to large groups.
  • Market your event on other web pages.

InvitePeople’s flexible system makes it easy to create packages and offers.

Let each individual person from group reservations decide and book what seminars or other activities to attend. All personal bookings are added to one invoice per group.

Combine entrance tickets with other activities or offers to create packages for targeted marketing.


A state-of-the-art matchmaking system for all types of professional matchmaking: Speed dating, b2b matchmaking, hosted-buyer concept and much more.

Meetings are booked and confirmed by participants, but the organizer can choose to – automatically or manually – book meetings for participants. Booked meetings are automatically allocated to available tables or places.

InvitePeople’s system for professional matchmaking is one of the most sophisticated in the world.

  • Let all participants book meetings before and during the event.
  • Matching calendars to find common available time slots and to avoid double bookings.
  • In an online calendar all meetings are listed. With smartphones it’s an excellent organizing tool, helping participants to know who they are meeting with and where.
  • All information is in real time and any changes - canceled meetings or other new information - are instantly and seamlessly changed throughout the system so all participants always have the latest information.

Partner Booking

With InvitePeople’s Partner Booking service you book meetings for your sponsors and partners.

With this hosted buyer tool, partners, sponsors and others will be guaranteed to meet with handpicked attendees.

You can organize and keep track and hundreds of meetings without any double bookings and participants can make changes themselves saving time and energy for the organizer.

Expand your offer to partners, sponsors or exhibitors.

  • Use InvitePeople’s Partner Booking service to book meetings in between delegates and your partners.
  • Let partners and attendees book the meetings and you as the organizer can fill up with more meetings if necessary.
  • You can keep track of hundreds of meetings without double bookings and make changes with minimum effort.
  • All information is in real time and any changes - canceled meetings or other new information - are instantly and seamlessly changed throughout the system so all participants always have the latest information.

Lead retriever mobile app

Scan nametags with smartphones using InvitePeoples Lead retriever mobile app. Let exhibitors, partners and sponsors at trade fairs and conferences collect information on individuals by scanning nametags with QR-codes.

The app collects e-mail addresses, phone numbers, postal address or any other information you asked for at registration, and the user can download the information on scanned persons as CSV files.

Participants don’t need to ask for business cards or make notes and can create great contact lists with e-mail addresses, phone number and other information gathered in one place.

This is how it works

  • Download InvitePeople's app from App Store or Google Play.
  • With your smartphone, scan attendee nametags, write a comment for each scanned person in the app and choose a category.
  • Each exhibitor or scanning company choose the categories they wish to use and can then categorize each person they have scanned.
  • In real time and online, see whom you have met with and down load the information as CSV files.


With the organizer tools you are in control of your event. Make changes, get information and inform attendees, partners and exhibitors.

  • Register and print badges or tickets on-site.
  • Change online event information.
  • E-mail or send text messages to selected groups or all participants.

Who is going to which seminar, how many have ordered vegetarian food?

Get CSV files with selected information and be in control.


Get real time statistics about your event. Select information and download as CSV files.

Get real time statistics about your event in your smartphone or computer. How many have registered, how many and whom have entered? Select information and download as CSV files.

Sold tickets, scanned persons, booked meetings and much more.

  • Sold tickets.
  • Who and how many attendees have passed the gates.
  • Which attendees have attended a seminar or activity.
  • Measure the activity in the social network by number of meetings booked or how many sent messages.
  • Follow event transactions. See how much is paid with credit card and by invoice.