Thursday August 17, 2017

In conjunction with the GamifyUs conference at the Stockholm International Fair in September 2017, InvitePeople launches a new Gamification concept.

By being active in different areas - both online and on-site during the conference - conference participants gather points and compete. On a leader board, they can follow who has earned most points.

It is up to the organizer to decide how the participants will be rewarded: Prizes to those with the highest score or as at GamifyUs were the points can be used to shop in an online shop.

The conference organizer can choose from a variety of activities that can score points. Some examples:

  • Sharing the event on social media, Tweets about the event or joining Facebook groups.
  • Share data about yourself in a social network and upload image.
  • Booking of seminars.
  • Book meetings with sponsors or other participants.
  • Send message to other participants, sponsors or exhibitors
  • Participate in surveys or questionnaires
  • Use interactivity tools during seminars and much more.

The goal is to let participants promote the event virally and to activate and engage conference participants to create involving, happening, and interesting conferences.