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Establishing in the US can be complex to navigate. It is common for Nordic companies to have questions about filing US taxes, how state sales tax works, what kind of US entity to set up, how US recruitment and hiring processes work, as well as what to consider for customs when importing/exporting. 

To support Nordic companies in this endeavour, the US Operational Excellence Webinar Series will cover 4 key areas essential to the success of Nordic companies’ US establishment and expansion journeys. These 60-minute webinars will take place during November and December and will feature external expert speakers as well as provide opportunities for live Q&A. 

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Missed a webinar? No problem! Access the webinar recordings by toggling to the different pages in the upper left hand corner! Reach out to Abigail Richardson (Abigail.Richardson@business-sweden.se) or Rashna Buxey (Rashna.Buxey@business-sweden.se) if you have any questions or need more information!

Upcoming Webinars

Webinar 4

US Trade Compliance: Customs, shipping and import/export logistics

Speaker: Alyson Schroer, The Scarbrough Group

Date: December 7, 2023

Time: 16:00 CET

About: There are a vast number of applicable laws and regulations set at the federal level in the United States by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency that companies must be aware of when importing/exporting goods. These policies and procedures can be complex, but it is vital that companies are aware of and in compliance with said policies and procedures to minimize duty and mitigate compliance risk. Thus, this webinar is designed to go over the ins and outs of trade compliance, to provide a solid foundation for navigating the US market.

Attendees can expect to gain an understanding of:

  • An overview on importing, exporting, and processing considerations, including relevant trade agreement
  • A walkthrough on US customs laws, requirements, and expectations, including any duties, taxes, and fees to expect
  • Exemption limits, required bonds (e.g., surety bonds), and state and port specific requirements

Past Webinars

Webinar 1

US Tax System: Annual returns, state tax, monthly filing and best practice case studies

Speaker: David Hogg, CPA, Steward Ingram & Cooper PLLC

Date: November 14, 2023

Time: 16:00 CET

About: The US tax system is a complicated setup to navigate, especially given the variations in tax laws and requirements from state to state, and between the state and federal level. Juggling shifting dates in the tax calendar, managing detailed recordkeeping, and understanding ever-changing provisions with regards to tax law can be incredibly overwhelming, especially as a non-US entity. This webinar is thus designed to act as a knowledge share built on years of expertise, specifically with helping Nordic companies navigate the US tax system.

Attendees can expect to gain an understanding of:

  • The US tax system
  • Monthly filings and annual returns
  • US sales tax
  • Best practices and case examples based on industry, business structure, sales, etc. 

Webinar 2

US Entity Set up: Type of entity, location, set-up process overview and IP considerations

Speaker: Thomas Soseman, Soseman Law Firm, P.C.

Date: November 29, 2023

Time: 16:00 CET

About: One of the key steps in beginning a business in the US is deciding what form of business entity to establish. This can be difficult to navigate because there are numerous forms of business establishments, each of which have their own legal and tax considerations. Because business entities are formed under states law rather than at the federal level, not only would you have to consider the legal and tax considerations of each entity structure, but also consider how these laws and requirements vary state by state. Though complex to understand, this decision is key as it influences your day-to-day operations, taxes, personal liability, etc. Thus, this webinar is intended to walkthrough the various types of US entities and cover the overall process and important information Nordic companies will need to know to support their success in the US.

Attendees can expect to gain an understanding of:

  • Types of business entities in the US
  • How states differ in establishing a business entity, and which states are ideal for the various business entities
  • The procedure to register a business entity and nexus, by state
  • What legal and tax considerations play a role when selecting a business entity structure

Webinar 3

US HR Best Practices: Recruitment, hiring/onboarding and benefits

Speaker: Mike Paull, JD,  Klein, Paull, Holleb, Jacobs, Labor and Employment Law

Date: December 6, 2023

Time: 16:00 CET

About: Understanding what matters to teams in North America vs. Europe can be tricky as it comes down to culture, benefits, and management style. For example, unlike the EU, there are few, if any, mandates dictating company benefits (e.g., parental leave, PTO, etc.), compelling Americans to pay special attention to an organization’s culture and offerings. Because cultural differences and employee expectations can vary country-by-country, this webinar aims to give an overview of what Nordic companies can expect, and how best they can adapt their current practices to better serve their needs in the US and attract candidates.

Attendees can expect to gain an understanding of:

  • HR processes, regulations, and expectations in the US
  • US best practices for HR Infrastructure (e.g., documentation, benefits, offer letter considerations, etc.)
  • How to recruit local employees: Overview of the process, interviews, salary, and onboarding

Tuesday November 14 - Thursday December 7, 2023

16:00 CET / 14:00 GMT / 9:00 CST / 07:00 PST

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